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Rubber Resistance Exercise Tube Bands


Resistance bands are a means of strengthening and/or stretching your muscles, whether for aesthetics, athletic performance, or physical therapy. Resistance Bands with Handles – These tube bands are primarily used for working out and building muscle strength and size.

Are resistance bands safe for older people?

"Resistance bands recruit the 'stabilizer' muscles – this muscle group is significant because it supports our larger muscles and joints when we move and helps reduce the risk of injury. So they are a safe and low-impact option for older people and are often used for rehabilitation."

What are the benefits of using resistance bands for joint mobilization?

Joint mobilization exercises using resistance bands can be done for all the joints of the upper and lower extremities, various points along your spine, and sacroiliac joints (hips). Overall, the goal is to improve joint mobility, decrease tension of the surrounding muscles, and enhance your movement.

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Posted By Muhammad / 31 May 2023

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